newest plates from mesa chefs

Carne Tostada

Roasted been in picantillo sauce.

Clams in their sauce

Delicious clams

French beef a la bourbon

Le befeee el le salse

Le pastrie con le carne

Beef on a pastry dough

Trucha en su salsa

Una buena trucha en su salsa al ajillo

Pork Cordon Blu

Pork medallion wrapped around with more porky

Le Boar con le veggies

Boar and veggies - mild sauteed

Spaguetti with bison meatballs

Uno spaguetti con meata bolas de bisone

Mussels sautéed in Wine Sauce

Amazing mussels in wine sauce cooked over medium heat with lots of amore !!!!

Dancing eel rolls

Watch the eels dance to the sound of Mt. Fuji and be amazed by their incredible flavor

Seafood bowl with an egg

Flavorful soup full of seafood and egg melting of top of this delicious dish

Beef empanadas con chimichurri

Yumelicious empanadas !!!!

Salmon Roll

Local Salmon Roll

qual egg






Spring Soup

This is my go-to spring soup.